Open Meeting – 28th June 2023

We are pleased to announce our first Open Event of the year, to coincide with the KCAA 3k and 10k championships.

Entry Information

  • All entries will close on 24th June at 8pm.
  • Please note entries are limited and will close when each event becomes full.

Event Information

  • Entry for the Dartford Harriers Open Event is via our website only. Entry for the KCAA 3k and 10k championships is via the KCAA website.
  • Entry to each event for the Dartford Harriers Open is £8.
  • We will have electronic timing and distance measuring in place.
  • There will be a minimum of 4 trials for each field event, 6 will be available if time allows.
  • All athletes must register at least 30 minutes before your event start time.

Event Timetable


6.00pm100mU13 and above
6.20pm400mU15 and above
6.40pm200mU13 and above
7.00pm300mU15 and above
7.30pm3,000mCounty Championships
7.45pm10,000mCounty Championships


6.00pmHammerU13 and above
6.15pmLong JumpU13 and above
7.15pmShot PutU13 and above
6.30pmPole VaultInvitation only