Success at Kent Indoor Championships

Over the weekend, a number of Dartford Harriers Athletes took part in the Kent Indoor Championships at Lee Valley Stadium. In total, our athletes secured an impressive medal haul consisting of 25 medals, including 12 gold medals. A full list of medal winners is available below:
Gold Silver Bronze
Lucas Taylor-Costin (SM): 800m, 1:59.37 Edward Best (U15): 1500m, 5:11.34 Thomas Manning (SM): 800m, 2:02.90
Lucas Taylor-Costin (SM): 1500m, 4:11.93 Bonnie Maugey (SW): HJ, 1.20 Andrew Pickett (SM): 1500m, 4:17.14
Jack Fox (SM): TJ, 13.01 Gracie Thomas (SW): PV, 2.55 Bonnie Maugey (SW): 200m, 30.52
Bonnie Maugey (SW): 200m, 30.52 Eloise Harvey (U20): LJ, 5.60 Bonnie Maugey (SW): 400m, 67.93
Kathryn Sutton (SW): 800m, 2:15.39 Sileena Farrell (U17): TJ, 11.24 Chanelle Cole (U20): 60m, 8.09
Erin Thomas (U20): PV, 3.35 Chanelle Cole (U20): 200m, 26.39
Eloise Harvey (U20): TJ, 12.43 Kaliyah Young (U17): 60m, 7.74
Sileena Farrell (U17): 60m, 7.66 Silena Farrell (U17): 200m, 26.42
Kaliyah Young (U17): 200m, 24.67 Samuel Ferreyra (U15): 1500m, 5:17.45
Emily Newnham (U17): 300m, 41.41
Lily Smith (U17): PV, 2.30
Kaliyah Young (U17): LJ, 5.30
A particular mention should be made to Eloise Harvey (U20W) and Kaliyah Young (U17G) who both secured new Championship Best Performances in the Triple Jump and 200m respectively. In addition to medal places it is important to recognise the personal achievements of our athletes, so a huge congratulations to the following who all secured new Personal Bests:
  • Jack Fox (SEN): 60m, 7.63
  • Chanelle Cole (U20): 60m, 8.09
  • Sileena Farrell (U17): 60m, 7.66
  • Timileyin Olowofoyeku (U15): 60m, 8.38
  • Daniel Goriola (U15): 200m, 24.31
  • Edward Best (U15): 200m, 27.05
  • Chanelle Cole (U20): 200m, 26.39
  • Sileena Farrell (U17): 200m, 26.04
  • Timileyin Olowofoyeku (U15): 200m, 27.96
  • Lucas Taylor-Costin (SEN): 1500m, 4:11.93
  • Samuel Ferreyra (SEN): 1500m, 5:17.45
  • Daniel Foriola (U15): 60mH, 8.98
  • Lewis Groombridge (U15): 60mH, 10.50
  • Chloe Salter (U15): 60mH, 10.55
  • Joshua Cockerman (U17): HJ, 1.60
  • Samuel Ferreyra (U17): PV, 1.80
  • Eloise Harvey (U20): TJ, 12.43
  • Sileema Farrell (U17): TJ, 11.24
Finally, the event was well attended by a number of volunteers (in particular from our members) to ensure the smooth running of the event and overall success of the Championships. Volunteers undertook a variety of roles, including: track and field judging/officiating, supporting with athlete registration, trophy presentation and announcing. Thank you to all members who volunteered thier time in this way, it is very much appreciated. Full results are available online at Power of 10.


Date League / Category Season
17th March 2019 Championships 2018-2019


Lee Valley
Lee Valley Athletic Centre, 61 Meridian Way, London N9 0AR, United Kingdom

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