Run Jump Trow 2019

Each year, a dedicated team of Dartford Harriers members and coaching staff organise the Run, Jump, Throw for our younger athletes. For many, the competition provides the first opportunity for competition in a very friendly and supportive environment. This year, the event took place on Sunday 14th April. Unfortunately, the weather was far from the sunshine we have recently enjoyed over the Easter break and instead pretty chilly.

Despite this, there were a high number of very enthusiastic athletes who put in some excellent performances. All competitors went home with a certificate of achievement (and a bonus cream egg for their efforts). A full copy of the results is available below:

60 metres
426Leah Kennedy415.81.23.44
431Ben Edwards416.11.552.26
428Himmat Jandu512.52.33.63
429Amy Cooper513.31.753.09
425Isla Kennedy615.52.052.32
430Charlie Edwards614.31.84.65
70 metres
435Talia Junaid-Evans712.92.693.8
436Fable Wells7142.424.81
414Brodie Colcombe811.42.766.34
423Robert Coe8122.654.45
427Manroop Jandu811.42.984.02
437Lewis Walker814.31.627.21
443Brody Amos811.91.755.76
446Arthur Morgan812.72.578.2
449Matilda Holliday813.42.546.47
450Ayrton Alemao812.42.739.17
451Bradley Brown813.41.76.1
80 metres
415Blessing Adewunmi911.93.368.89
440Cody Burton913.52.195.4
442Lilly-Ella Amos1013.82.628.43

The organisers would like to thank all officials and parent helpers for their continued support, contributing to the overall success of the event.

For further information about future Run Jump Throw events please visit the relevant page on our website.

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