League summary: Kent Young Athletes League

The 2019 KYAL took place over the summer with three meetings, one in each of June, July and August. The season began with a solid performance at a warm, sunny and busy Tonbridge, with familiar faces and a number of new competitors getting involved and working hard for the club. The composite team finished fourth out of nine teams with 364.5 points, with the U13 boys 3rd, U15 boys 4th, U13 girls 5th and U15 girls 4th.

Ashford proved to be just as busy and the weather equally as pleasant. We had another good turnout, with some brilliant debuts and athletes getting involved with multiple and sometimes new events, which is always pleasing to see. Again we finished fourth out of nine teams but pushing up to 393.5 points, U13 boys improving to 2nd, U15 boys matching the last meeting with 4th, U13 girls having a good leap up to 3rd and U15 girls getting another 4th.

The last meeting came around quickly and was at a quieter Medway. Our team was strong for August and there were plenty of athletes taking on extra events throughout the course of the day. As with all other meetings there were injuries but team members stepped in and stepped up and held their own. This resulted in a fantastic second out of nine teams, U13 boys 2nd again, U15 boys up to 3rd, U13 girls a central 4th, and U15 girls with a jump up to 2nd.

Overall another good season and a third place finish out of nine teams was a reflection of a successful series.

Report written by Connor Burford.

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