KCAA Relay Champs Medal Haul!

What a fantastic day for the Hoops at the Kent county athletics relay champs last Sunday, 12th September. Some amazing performances from our Dartford Harriers Athletes! 8 teams picked up medals, and subject to ratification, 4 club records as well. Congratulations to over 20 DHAC athletes who have come away with medals. Special thanks to Adam Bernard and Kirstie Taylor for all their help organising our teams, and to Adam for this report.

Results as follows:

Silver Medals: 

U15B – 4x200m – Nasharn Luis, Michael Ijeh, Ty Cooper, Gilbert Solomon – 1:41.6 *NEW CLUB RECORD! 

SW – 4x200m – Bonnie Maugey, Laura Sale (W35), Stephanie Murray, Kirstie Taylor (W45) – 2:12.0 

SM – 4x400m – Damir Aries Kayani (U20M), Adam Bernard (M35), Abass Jah (U20M), Trey McPherson (U20M) – 3:35.2 

U15B – 4x300m – Gilbert Solomon, Nasharn Luis, Ty Cooper, Michael Ijeh – 2:48.6 *NEW CLUB RECORD!

Bronze Medals: 

U13G – 4x200m – Laetitia Tene, Angel Salako, Akua Roberts, Chikamso Ugoji – 2:03.0 

U15G – 4x100m – Imogen Smith, Isabella Amartey, Oluwatishe Olunloyo, Zara Okoroafor – 52.6 

SM – 4x100m – Ademola Odunowo, Richard Brooks (M45), Abass Jah (U20M), Trey McPherson (U20M) – 45.5 

SM – 4x200m – Ademola Odunowo, Adam Bernard (M35), Abass Jah (U20M), Trey McPherson (U20M) – 1:34.9 *NEW CLUB RECORD!

4th Place:

U15B – 4x100m – Nasharn Luis, Ty Cooper, Michael Ijeh, Gilbert Solomon – 50.2 

U15G – 4x200m – Imogen Smith, Isabella Amartey, Lexie Johnson, Zara Okoroafor – 1:54.7


U13G – 4x100m – Akua Roberts, Angel Salako, Laetitia Tene, Chikamso Ugoji – 58.5 

U15G – 4x300m – Imogen Smith, Lexie Johnson, Isabelle Aldridge, Betty Adams – 3:25.9 *NEW CLUB RECORD!

U15G – 3x800m – Betty Adams, Isabelle Aldridge, Lexie Johnson – 8:25.8 

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