Run Jump Throw


Run Jump Throw provides our Dartford Dashers with the first opportunity for competition in a very friendly and supportive environment. All athletes will receive a certificate and attend an awards presentation at the end of the day to recognise their achievements.

We would very much like for each athlete to compete in three main events and to allow for completion of certificates, participate in the 600m fun run.


The next event has provisionally been scheduled for Sunday 11th April 2020. The provisional timetable is as follows:

Start timeEventAge group(s).
13:00RegistrationAll ages
13:30Warm Up (athlete led)All ages
13:45Long Jump4, 5, 6 and 7
13:50Plastic Javelin8, 9 and 10
14:3060m4 and 5
14:4070m6, 7 and 8
14:5080m9 and 10
15:10Plastic Javelin4, 5, 6 and 7
15:15Long Jump8, 9 and 10
15:50600m (only for those who want to) All ages
16:05PresentationAll ages

Additional Information (FAQ’s)

Is there a cost?
No, this event is free to all our members
How do I register?
Registration is on the day, in the club house. Registration will open from 13:00 and close at 13:30.
How can I support this event?
Run Jump Show is reliant on a number of volunteers to help support the event. Duties range from raking the sand pit, returning the Javelins, time keeping and writing numbers down as athletes cross the finish line. If you are able to support, please speak to Gary Capon.