DHAC Open Meetings

Throughout the Summer, we organise a number of Open Meetings which are open for all to compete, you do not need to be a member of Dartford Harriers. The open meetings serve as an excellent opportunity to participate in a competitive fixture in a friendly environment.

  • All events will take place at Central Park, Dartford.
  • All events are held in the spirit of UK Athletics Rules.
  • For all field events, we will endeavour to trial 6 rounds although this is dependent on entries.
  • There will be electronic timing (through JustTiming) and EDM for all long throws.
How do I enter and how much does each event cost?
We recommend entering online through our online entry system: https://uk.entry4sports.com/#/.
  • £5.00 per event, made online up to the Sunday before the event.
  • £7.00 per event, made online on either the Monday or Tuesday before an event. Please note online entries close at 18:00 the Tuesday before each event.

Entries can also be made on the day, in our club house at a cost of £8.00 per event.

Wednesday 26th June 2019

Track EventsTimeAge Groups
100m18:30U11 and above
400m18:45U17 and above
300m19:00U13, U15 and U17
200m19:15U11 and above
3k followed by 10k19:30KCAA entries only
Field Events
Hammer Throw18:30U13 and above
Long Jump19:00U11 and above
Discus19:50U13 and above

Wednesday 24th July 2019

Track EventsTimeAge Groups
300m18:30U13, U15 and U17
800m18:50U13 and above
400m19:20U17 and above
1 mile19:45U15 and above
Field Events
Pole Vault18:45U13 and above
Triple Jump18:45U15 and above
Javelin19:00U13 and above

Wednesday 21st August 2019

Track EventsTimeAge Groups
75m18:30 and 19:30U11 and U13
100m18:45 and 19:45U13 and above
150m19:00 and 20:00U11 and U13
200m19:15U13 and above
Field Events
Hammer Throw18:30U13 and above
Long Jump18:45U13 and above
Shot Put19:45U13 and above