February review

The last month has been a particularly busy one for our Cross Country athletes. This article provides an overview of some of the key headlines, including individual performances at open events and championships, as well as an up to date on league standings.

Indoor Track and Field highlights

Southern Indoor U20/Senior Indoor Championships, 1st & 2nd February

  • Lily Smith (U20W) PV: 2.80
  • Bonnie Maugey (SW) 200m: 29.78

Southern Counties Veterans AC Indoor Championships, 9th February

  • Adam Bernard (M35) 200m: 25.01 (3rd) and 400m: 56.13 (1st)
  • Colin Bates (M55) 800m: 2:22.4 (2nd) and 61.61 (2nd)
  • Gary Capon (M55) HJ: 1.45 (2nd), LJ: 4.79 (2nd) and TJ: 9.84 (2nd)
  • John Fenton (M60) SP: 12.00 (1st)
  • Patience Agbabi (W50) 60m: 10.74
  • Terry Gibbs (M55) 200m: 29.76

A full copy of results is available here.

South of England Masters Indoor Track & Field Champs (Inc. British Masters Pentathlon), 23rd February

  • Adam Bernard (M35) 200m: 25.18 and 400m: 55.67
  • Chistine Clements (W65) 60m: 10.63, HJ: 1.17 and SP: 6.72
  • Colin Bates (M55) 800m: 2:25.59
  • David Kemp (M55) 200m: 26.37 and 400m: 63.05
  • Gary Capon (M55) HJ: 1.47 and TJ 9.84
  • John Fenton (M60) SP: 11.56
  • Jon Kennedy (M40) 800m: 2:12.5 and 1500m: 4:37.46
  • Patience Agbabi (W50) 60m: 10.40

A full copy of the results is available here.

England Age Group Indoor T&F Championships, 22nd and 24rd February

  • Kaliyah Young (U20W) 60m: 8.02 (5th)
  • Michael Uzozi (U17M) 400m: 51.33 (3rd), 200m: 23.05 (4th in semi-final)

Cross Country Roundup

ECCA National Cross Country Championships, 22nd February

  • Oliver Delamain (U13M) 308th
  • Miles Brierley (U15M) 157th
  • Luke Fenton (U15M) 340th
  • Daniel Moulton (U17M) 209th
  • Christopher Archer (U17M) 280th
  • James Rolls (JM) 98th
  • Thomas Manning (JM) 154th
  • Daniel Jackson (SM) 775th
  • Abbe Clarke (U15W) 245th
  • Emily Francis (U15W) 273th
  • Cas Jackson (SW) 94th

Kent Cross Country League – Overall standings

On the 5th February at Norman Park we had the last of the Kent Cross Country League Fixtures.  Accordingly, we now have the final standings overall from this season.  Of particular note, Gillian Manning (W55) came third in her category.

Male standings

  • Chris Biddle (SM) 11th
  • Huntley Roberts (SM) 22nd
  • Jon Kennedy (M40 SM) 34th
  • Reuben Burford (M45 SM) 35th
  • Paul Dawes (M45 SM) 51st
  • Thomas Manning (U20M SM) 109th
  • Daniel Jackson (SM) 114th
  • Andrew Archer (M50 SM) 158th
  • Cullen O’Donnell (M50) SM: 166th
  • Gregory Hills (SM) 208th
  • Connor Burford (SM) 214th
  • George Boxall (SM) 229th
  • Nicholas Varley (M50 SM) 232nd
  • Steven Caller (SM) 274th
  • Sam Coombes (SM) 310th
  • Sam Dowler (SM) 322nd
  • Stuart Waterman (M40 SM) 344th
  • David Hall (M50 SM) 350th
  • Terry Hawkey (SM) 366th
  • Chris Turner (M50 SM) 370th
  • Ethon Jacob (U20M SM) 390th
  • Jonathan Ives (M50 SM) 428th

Female standings

  • Gillian Manning (W55 SW) 45th
  • Cas Jackson (SW) 55th
  • Lily Gibbs (U20W SW) 68th
  • Jessica Wayling (SW) 148th
  • Stephanie Wood (W50 SW) 164th
  • Isabel Lloyd (U20W SW) 199th
  • Jane Crawley (W40 SW) 208th
  • Denise Rose (W55 SW) 230th
  • Elizabeth Ives (W50 SW) 231st
  • Helen Nyberg-Mitroi (W40 SW) 241st
  • Stephanie Dann (SW) 242nd

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