Future Events and Fixtures

DateEventLeague / CategorySeasonVenueFixture Information
Falola Dream Mile and 3K OpenOpen Meetings (Track and Field)2019-2020
Inter-County Cross Country (Kent Schools)Open Meetings (Cross Country)2019-2020
Southern Indoor U20/Senior ChampionshipsChampionships2019-2020
England 5 Mile ChampionshipsChampionships2019-2020
Southern Indoor U20/Senior ChampionshipsChampionships2019-2020
Kent Cross County League - Match 5Kent Cross Country League2019-2020
Sutcliffe Park Indoor 60mOpen Meetings (Track and Field)2019-2020
Deal Half MarathonRoad Running2019-2020
British Masters Athletic Federation 10 Mile Road ChampionshipsChampionships2019-2020
English Schools Athletics Association Cross Country Champs (Kent Schools)Championships2019-2020
Track Closed - All DayInformation for DHAC members, Track Closures2019-2020
SCVAC Indoor Track & Field ChampionshipChampionships, SCVAC2019-2020
Tunbridge Wells Half MarathonRoad Running2019-2020
Indoor Middle Distance OpenOpen Meetings (Track and Field)2019-2020
English Cross Country Association National Cross Country ChampionshipsChampionships2019-2020
England Age Group Indoor Track & Field ChampsChampionships2019-2020
ECCA National Cross Country ChampionshipsChampionships2019-2020
U13 and U15 Outdoor OpenOpen Meetings (Track and Field)2019-2020
South of England Masters Indoor Track & Field Champs (Inc. Pentathlon)Championships2019-2020
DHAC Presentation EveningInformation for DHAC members2019-2020
Masters Inter-Area Indoor Track & Field ChallengeOpen Meetings (Track and Field)2019-2020
Sutcliffe Park Indoor 60m seriesOpen Meetings (Track and Field)2019-2020
Year 7 & 8 Inter-County (Kent Schools)Championships2019-2020
British Masters Athletic Federation Indoor Track & Field and Winter Throws ChampsChampionships2019-2020
Track Closed - All DayInformation for DHAC members, Track Closures2019-2020
Lydd 20 mileRoad Running2019-2020
English Schools Cross Country ChampionshipsChampionships2019-2020
Kent Indoor ChampionshipsChampionships2019-2020
England Age Group Indoor Combined Events Champs (inc. Tom Pink Relays)Championships2019-2020
British Masters Athletic Federation Cross Country ChampsChampionships2019-2020
Throws FestOpen Meetings (Track and Field)2019-2020
Kent Indoor ChampionshipsChampionships2019-2020
European Masters Indoor Track & Field Championships StartChampionships2019-2020
Dartford Half MarathonRoad Running2019-2020
Indoor MinithonOpen Meetings (Track and Field)2019-2020
SEAA Southern 12/6 Stage Road Relay ChampsChampionships, Road Running2019-2020
U13 & U15 Indoor PentathlonOpen Meetings (Track and Field)2019-2020
Membership Renewals DueInformation for DHAC members2019-2020
English Road Running Association 12 & 6 Stage RelaysRoad Running2019-2020
Match 1Youth Development League (Upper)2019-2020
London Marathon 2020Road Running2019-2020
Match 1Southern Athletics League2019-2020
Whistable 10kRoad Running2019-2020
Match 1Kent Young Athletics League2019-2020
Ted Pepper 10kRoad Running2019-2020
Match 1SCVAC2019-2020
Match 1Youth Development League (Lower)2019-2020
Match 2Southern Athletics League2019-2020
Sittingbourne Invicta 10kRoad Running2019-2020
Match 2Kent Young Athletics League2019-2020
Match 2Youth Development League (Upper)2019-2020
Match 2Youth Development League (Lower)2019-2020
Match 3Southern Athletics League2019-2020
Orpington High Elms 10kRoad Running2019-2020
Match 2SCVAC2019-2020
Match 3Youth Development League (Upper)2019-2020
Match 3Kent Young Athletics League2019-2020
Match 3SCVAC2019-2020
Match 4Southern Athletics League2019-2020
Match 4SCVAC2019-2020
Match 3Youth Development League (Lower)2019-2020
Match 4Youth Development League (Upper)2019-2020
Match 5SCVAC2019-2020
Match 4Kent Young Athletics League2019-2020
Match 6SCVAC2019-2020
Match 4Youth Development League (Lower)2019-2020
Match 5Southern Athletics League2019-2020